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Window's Tale

The following is a continuation as well as the conclusion to a series of my Instagram posts ( part 1part 2, part 3part 4 )! Tap/click on the respective parts to be directed to them. Do read all the posts(tap/click) for a complete experience.
Please read the text above the image before you read the following.As much as this is my story, its yours too. Despite being the toughest, I broke. Despite being the way to freedom, I could never move. And despite all this I am at peace today. I kept on searching for my identity on my skins, whereas I found them in my origins. All you need to do is realize where does your Window reside. Usually, it's found in the most broken and seemingly ugly parts of you. But once your roots start engulfing you, you will find your thrill inside-out just like I did.~Window

Inside my soul


For the Love of Krishna


A Picture's tale

The Bougainvillea and The Wall

Bougainvillea: Hush Mr. Wall! Don't you get it, you are hindering my space. Let me grow; a little here and a little there...
Wall: Gracious, what to do but when they look at you in admiration,  I convince myself to believe that those praises are aimed at us both. This is the only way I can feel beautiful too. I guess I will be in your debt forever...



The Rooftop

Image is subject to copyright. Sat on my rooftop, the dusk's gentle heat warming up my face;I realized for the firstThat there was more to life than its chase.It calmed me down and as if quenching my thirst Out came a voice persuading me not to overlook this grace.I eavesdropped the sparrows chatting,As if making amends for the fight they had on their previous date:Nevertheless, all of it had an effect on me quite softening,An imagery of the remembrance with my mate.Swiftly as they drove in; the clouds left me staring.Good God! Was it a sign that it was all just a dream And my life is as meaningless as it seems.Panicking hard, my peace shattered insaneFor, long had I longed for bliss,And now it shall all be washed in rain!But, just then my worried eyes met his golden brown eyes;A cold black nose and a tail that had a funny rise.Tears came to my child like eyes; tears of joy This big baby as if came here to my rescueWhen he barked I knew he said,”ahoy!”Now it was time to go and pen …